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7 things to do in Fuerteventura

Are you looking for fun things to do on Fuerteventura? We have a few ideas. Scroll down for the 7 ‘must see’ places on Fuerteventura.

These mostly hidden gems are difficult to reach by foot, car or bike. But with our Ebikes these highlights are all packed into our tours. You might even want to rent an Ebike if you like to explore by yourself. The tours we offer have all these amazing island features wrapped in a fun day out.

Calderón Hondo

The volcanoes between Corralejo and  Lajares

If you go towards Lajares from Corralejo, looking to the right we can see a beautiful series of volcanoes, one of them, the highest and most prominent is called ‘El Calderon Hondo’ Climbing to the top is a 15 minute hike that will be suitable for everyone.

The last time these volcanoes erupted was ‘recent’ –  about 50,000 years ago, these eruptions created actually the island of Fuerteventura aswell as the island of Lobos.

The Calderon Hondo is one of the best preserved. To get to this volcano follow the road to Lajares from Corralejo. The access to the volcano is very simple, the path is suitable for everyone, a small path to follow. It takes about 15 minutes walking to get to the top, once there, you’ll find a small “Mirador” the crater is impressive and its surrounding landscape simpky stunning.

the calderon hondo volcano
The barranco de los enamorades

Barranco de los enamorades

The dunes of Corralejo penetrated the interior of the island in the northeast-southwest direction, covering the pre-existing river called ‘Barranco de los enamorades’ This movement of the sand happened before the eruptions of the volcanoes that gave extention to the island.

No canyon in the Canary Islands has a landscape as characteristic as the Barranco de los Enamorades: dune fossils and amazing shapes dug by the water. It is a unique landscape, the Barranco de los Enamorados was until recently the “Pearl” of Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands. A part of it has already been lost.

The Escanfraga Volcano

The Escanfraga is the considered to be the highest volcanic crater in Fuerteventura, On the bottom you find the little canarian village ‘Villaverde’ and from  the top a stunning view across all directions over the entire Island.  There is a hiking trail of about 10 KM up and down and will take you a good 2 hours to climb. The last eruption of this big boy was about 1 million years ago and created the ‘Cuevo de llano’ a 650 meter long lava cave. It’s the oldest cave in the entire Canary Archipel.

Cotillo Lagoons.

Fuerteventura boasts the best beaches in the Canary Islands, some even say of Europe. This volcanic, depopulated and wild land allows you to enjoy nature in its purest state with a microclimate of 23 degrees on average throughout the year.

The Cotillo Lagoons are a series of natural pools of clear and transparent water that rest peacefully next to the Atlantic Ocean. They are formed inbetween the volcanic rocks and the fine white sand. The shape of the lagoons, are tide related, and go trough different phases throughout the day. If you go in the morning, and there is less water and more stone than come back in in the afternoon. When the water filled up all the little bays and lagoons. Check for a tidal map here!

Cotillo Beach.

To the south of the town we find El Aljibe de la Cueva, also known as Piedra Playa, a reflect to the characteristic image of El Cotillo beaches, white beaches and its waves make it a popular spot to practice Surfing, Windsurfing or Kitesurfin. Be carefull if you swimm. Strong currents can be dangerous.  The beach has a lifeguard tower present which signals flags ( green, yellow and red)

The Dunes of Corralejo.

If Fuerteventura is an oasis in the desert of civilization then Dunes of Corralejo are, no doubt, the greatest example of this claim.

The Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo is one of the most breathtaking landscapes of the whole island of Fuerteventura, a real desert in the north-east corner of the island with than  2,300 hectares of golden sand, surrounded by stunning turquoise water beaches.

Popcorn beach

From a distance, Popcorn Beach may seem like a common beach, but when you come closer, you can see the unusual shape of its surface. The beach actually consists of small pieces of white coral they are fossil algae that the tide drags from the seabed to the shore.

Do not hesitate to visit the beach of Las Palomita, but always do it responsibly. Bathe, lie down to sunbathe, watch the sunset, take photos and have fun, but do not alter the ecosystem, do not take anything, as it will be there for some reason.


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